Trial / Community Rides

Here at ABC, we are keen to develop cycling as a serious sport. We go about it seriously, meticulously and methodically. If you are keen to take up cycling as a sport, we have a program where we will invite you as a guest on maximum 1 consecutive ride with us. You, then make up your mind whether this suites your plans. This way you get the exact idea of what ABC means and what sort of involvement is requires.

Please write to if you wish to join us in any of the trial ridesl.

We will send you email for next 1 ride and would welcome you to join us on the ride. During this period of 1 trial run, we will be happy to assist you or advise you in any aspect related to cycling. If you then wish to continue to ride in ABC - it will be necessary to become a full member of ABC.

Saturday Community Rides
2nd and 4th Saturday every month

Assemble Time 6.20 A.M.
Starting Time 6.30 A.M.
Starting Point: Iskon near McDonalds

Route: Iskon to Bopal turn right on sp ring road- U turn from Zundal circle return up to Iskon on same route - end at Prahladnagar Garden

Distance : 48 KM

Half Route Iskon to Bopal turn right on sp ring road- Lapkaman Circle - U turn -same route up to Iskon - end at Prahladnagar Garden

Distance: 29 KM

Ideal Finish Time For Full Route - 1hr. 30 minutes | Half Route - 1 hr.


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