"The birth of ABC is the end result of a dream of a few hard core bicycling enthusiasts, to introduce the masses to the joys of savouring the feel of the cool breeze on their faces, and to motivate them to challenge the limits of their own minds and bodies and generate a new sense of achievement and self respect. "

"Belonging to an organisation with a unique purpose of promoting the sport of road bicycling. Being one of the pioneering group that achieves bicycling goals and plans to organise different excursions, earlier not heard of, around Ahmedabad. Disciplining and proper structuring of the Sunday Revolution bicycling group. Getting a recognition of their bicycling achievements from the society at large."

"For the Members, Of the Members, By the Members. Wise and Knowledgeable Leadership. Never any confusion. Clear in our views and clear in our communication. Are motivated to follow the instinctive animal law of survival when on the roads. Always endeavouring to upgrade the abilities of all in the sport so as to develop a very strong and capable bicycling club. "

- Samir Shah (50 years)
Cycling since 4 Years.
Now doing 150+ km per week.

"ABC is a one of its kind club in our city. It’s well organized, young and growing and has a few very dedicated, experienced and friendly people at its core. It’s a club with a definite focus towards the sport. With members of all profiles, ages and backgrounds one can find the right company for pretty quick. The growth of the club since its recent inception is irrefutable testimony contrary to the popular belief that our folks only love to party, eat and drink!! I am confident that most would share the fruits I have reaped from it in a very short span of time."

"The club means a lot to most members and a little to none of them. People come here for fitness (most need company and a little intangible support to sweat it out), to get stronger, push their personal limits, getting associated with a cause that has a future (no one would want to associate with a lost cause) and for a variety of reasons limited only by the motivating factors that push people to explore the untrodden. "

"The concept of mixing the sporting focus with education and recreation is unique and allows a wide range of individuals to get associated. The best part of this club is the friendliness of the senior members and the spirit of camaraderie that everyone shares. "

- Vivek Shah

Cycling since 4 Years.
Now doing 250+ km per week.

"I am a Passionate Cyclist. Started cycling with motivation from members of the ABC 2 years back. Had never cycled before except for going to school or maybe in the neighborhood. When I heard that right here in Ahmedabad we have a club which is purely cycling oriented, I got curious and excited to try out cycling after so many years. After a few rides, I fell in love with cycling and the club."

"ABC and its members helped me grow in this sport. Learnt speed cycling, endurance cycling, different types of training, they even taught me how to change a punctured tube or replace a tyre. Along the journey had many Century Rides, Lot of fun, Events and Learning and through ABC got many new friends who enjoy the same sport. Key to progress or rise in any field or sport is by discipline and that is one strong point of ABC, it instigates Discipline into the members to achieve new targets and heights."

"Proud to be a Passionate Cyclist and a ABCian. "

- Parth Modi ( Name of the rider )

Cycling since 4 Years.
Now doing 250+ km per week.

"Welcome to the Ahmedabad Bicycling Club. It is a combination of being well organized in an easy going atmosphere. Be not afraid when you read about 100 km rides, trips to Abu and Polo Forest, riding across the nilgiris and Himalaya. These are milestones which you shall surely pass. All you have to do is wear a helmet, sit on the saddle and keep pedaling. It shall not be long before you score your first half century and with reasonable amount of discipline your first century. Once on the saddle you shall see, smell and feel a different environment. You shall suffer the sweet pleasures of pain but you shall emerge stronger and stronger. As Greg Lemond says “ It never gets easier you just go faster” . An opportunity to see and be a different you beckons you. Life is a beautiful ride, start pedaling."

- Mitul Shelat ( Name of the rider )

Cycling since 4 Years.
Now doing 250+ km per week.

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