Riding Etiquettes

General Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet
  • Do not make a sudden stop
  • If you do stop, quickly move away from the road. Preferably stop only after moving out of the road or path.
  • If you do have to make a sudden stop – loudly shout “STOPPING” to warn fellow riders
  • Do not make sudden left or right moves
  • If approaching an obstacle or ditch requiring left or right swaying – determine that well in advance and loudly
    shout “RIGHT” or “LEFT” to warn fellow riders


  • Always overtake from the right side
  • On narrow roads or while overtaking with a narrow distance – be swift in overtaking
  • While overtaking, shout “To your Right” so that the slower rider knows someone is overtaking from the right side

Group Riding

  • Do not occupy the full width of the lane
  • Never ride on the opposite (right) side of road
  • On an empty and secluded road – you may ride in pairs
  • Never ride more than two side by side
  • Best option is to ride in a single file

Turning at the Corners

  • While turning – ensure you maintain your line
  • Do not make an obtuse turn. You may endanger collision with the rider on your left
  • This is especially dangerous if you do this while overtaking other rider
  • It is also dangerous if you do this if the rider on the left is slightly behind you.
  • Do not make more than necessary reduction in speed while turning.
  • Approaching turns with a rider slightly behind you or while overtaking – either speed up to create distance with the rider or slow down (not suddenly, hold your line) to keep the other rider in your full view to avoid collision

Riding Position

  • Keep safe distance with fellow riders
  • Either stay in front of back of other rider
  • Do not ride slightly behind with overlapping wheels
  • It’s the responsibility of the rider who is behind to either slow down or speed up to avoid overlapping position

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