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Three Friends Dr Harsh Shah a Knee Replacement Surgeon, Bhas Bapat a scientist at PRL and Gaurav Shah owner of Crossword took up Cycling as a serious endurance sport. They enjoyed cycling expeditions to Mount Abu, Tour of Nilgiris and many more so much that they decided to share their joy with their nears and dears. Sunday Revolution is the first activity that came up and their infectious enthusiasm activated more than 100 riders who joined them in cycling expeditions of 40 to 50 Kilometers in and around Ahmedabad. The activity generated so much interest that nearly 125 people signed up for Sunday revolution. Everyone decided to form a body that promotes Cycling as a sport. The idea of Ahmedabad Bicycling Club was born.

“When we went for Tour of Nilgiris (900 kilomers, 8 days, 4 states) we saw a Bicycling culture in Bangalore. They have around 1000+ members and from there we came back with an idea of Ahmedabad Bicycling Club” Says Dr Harsh Shah on formation of ABC.

Every Sunday there are around 40 to 50 members who start form a point and complete a pre decided route. Soon they all reaped the benefits of cycling, in the form of a rejuvenated body and soul. They decided to help others benefit from their new found knowledge. The initiators feel that cycling is yet untapped in most parts of India, though being the best form of non–impact exercise. These are people who feel that you are unable to enjoy nature in cars due to the speed. Cycling on the other hand takes you places. It is exhausting, tiring yet exhilarating and you get to experience “The Wind in your face”.

The initial Sunday rides have now matured to regular rides on Tuesdays and Fridays also. Tuesday rides are called "Team up Tuesday" where all the riders ride in a group. The slower riders are encouraged to speed up a bit and the quicker riders learn to be patient and give company to others. And the Friday rides are called "Freaky Friday", where the aim is to go as hard as possible.

ABC is a non-profit organisation and came into being after signing of its constitution by a core group of 11 members on 18th May, 2010. Currently the president, secretary and treasurer posts are being handled by Harsh Shah, Bhas Bapat and Vandan Dalal respectively. The constitution has a democratic structure where the committee and office bearers will change at a fixed interval. The change will be effected by democratic voting amongst the members

Objectives of ABC :

  • It is observed that people from different walks of life are interested in cycling but due to lack of an organized approach are unable to achieve much success. 

  • ABC has set out to educate people about cycling.  This institute is going to promote cycling at Schools, public places and create awareness about its advantages.

  • ABC will also generate programs to benefit people under poverty line to have access to cycling. 

  • ABC will carry on workshops to teach people how to take care of their own cycles.

  • ABC plans to have supported tours, expeditions and picnic on cycle.

  • ABC will have an advocacy group to promote cycling lanes, cycling zones and exclusive cycling access areas in the city. 

  • It is also considering about promoting heritage tours by organizing Cycling tours to different places.  And promote tourism through cycling events like Tour of Gujarat (cycling through Kutch, Saurashtra and central Gujarat - a proposed distance of about 1000 km in 8 days)
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