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ABC is dedicated to promoting and developing cycling as a sport. This requires discipline, training, nutrition, technique, guidance, understanding and motivation. Various training programmes are being organised in order to accomplish these aspects. The programmes vary from training rides, informative talks, discussions to hands on workshop making use of the in-house talent. For the next program please visit the member's section for details and announcements.


Ahmedabad Bicycling Club congratulates Samir B Shah for finishing 1000 Km BRM


Ahmedabad Bicycling Club congratulates all the Winners

of Sabarmati Cyclothon 2014


The winners of Sabaramati Cyclothon 2013 from Ahmedabad Bicycling Club are:

   1. Gaurav Shah
   2. T. S. Walia
   3. Kumaril Patel
   4. Samir Shah
   5. Kaushal Mehta 




Be a part of this revolution and encourage cycling's health and green agenda while also promoting it as a sport.
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1000 Km BRM



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      1. Community Rides Schedule is here.
      2. Please download your certificate for Sabarmati Cyclothon from here.

List of winners of Sabarmati Cyclothon 2014

1. Kaushal Mehta
2. Samir Shah

3.Kumaril Patel
4. T. S. Walia

5. Gaurav Shah


List of MLK(Manali-Leh-Khardungla) Riders

1.Atul Karwal
2.Gaurav Shah

3.Haresh Mevada
4.Harsh Shah

5.Jaikrishna Agrawal
6.Satpalsingh Chhabda

7.Tushar Patel
8.Vivek Shah

List of Centurions

1.Aditi Raval
2.Anand Dalal
3. Atul Karwal
4. Bhas Bapat
5. Chirag Mehta
6. Gaurav Shah
7. Haresh Mevada
8. Harsh Shah
9. Jaikrishna Agarwal
10. Jayesh Modi
11. Kaushal Mehta

12. Keyur Gandhi
13. Kumaril Patel
14. Mitul Shelat
15. Nandini Mehta
16. Neeraj Sharma
17. Nirav Parikh
18. Nishith Shah
19. Parth Modi
20. Parvez Hashmi
21.Rajal Thaker
22. Rajendrasingh Jadeja

23. Renu Mittal
24. Rishi Goyal
25. Sajan Saji
26. Samir A. Shah
27. Samir R. Shah
28. Satpalsingh Chhabda
29. Shravan Shah
30. Shreyans Shah
31. Sunny Parikh
32. Supriya Dalal
33.Tapan Parmar

34. Tushar Patel
35. T.S. Walia
36. Vijay Chandrani
37. Vivek Shah

List of Double Centurions

1.Anand Dalal
2.Bhas Bapat
3.Gaurav Shah

4.Harsh Shah
5.Parvez Hashmi
6.Samir R. Shah

7.Shravan Shah
8.Sunny Parikh
9.Tushar Patel

10.Vijay Chandrani
11.Vivek Shah

List of Triple Centurions

1.Harsh Shah

2.Vivek Shah

3. Tapan Parmar


List of Quadruple Centurions

1. Vivek Shah

2. Samir B Shah