• Mt. Abu - GuruShikhar Climb - 2012

    Abu - Gurushikhar Climb - 2012

  • MLK Tour of ABC

    MLK - Manali-Leh-KhardungLa tour of Ahmedabad Bicycling Club

  • First Abu Climb of Ahmedabad Bicycling Club

    Abu Climb 2010

  • MLK Tour of Ahmedabad Bicycling Club

    MLK Tour

  • MLK Tour of ABC

    MLK Tour 2012

  • MLK - Manali - Leh - KhardungLa tour of ABC

    MLK tour 2012

  • MLK Tour - 2012

    Rivulet crossing during MLK Tour 2012

  • MLK Tour of Ahmedabad Bicycling Club

    MLK Tour 2012

  • ABCian's on Manali - Leh Highway

    MLK Tour of ABC

Dedicated to endurance cycling
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All New Members Applying for Membership, who are Students under-23 years of Age, Get Waiver of Rs.1000 Enrolment Fee


ABC is dedicated to promoting and developing cycling as a sport. This requires discipline, training, nutrition, technique, guidance, understanding and motivation. Various training programmes are being organised in order to accomplish these aspects. The programmes vary from training rides, informative talks, discussions to hands on workshop making use of the in-house talent.


ABC - Important Events, Upcoming Races & Long Rides

13th May, Sunday - Annual General Meeting + Lunch - Register Here

27th May, Sunday - ABCh Race 28

17th June, Sunday - ABCh Race 29

8th July, Sunday - ABCh Race 30

14th July - 15th July, Saturday & Sunday, Abu Road - Mount Abu - Gurushikhar

8th September - 9th September, Saturday & Sunday, Abu Road - Mount Abu - Gurushikhar

ABCh Races now OPEN for all Cyclists – Non Members can also Register for a token fee.

Ahmedabad Bicycling Championships - Results

Upcoming Birthdays